Charming Collocation Quiz

Collocation Quiz

A collocation is a group of words that usually go together. For example, in English, we usually say ‘heavy rain’. It’s correct grammatically to say ‘strong rain’ or ‘big rain’, but both of these sound completely strange. A native English speaker would never say ‘big rain’. … Collocations are very, very important. Few Examples: Collocation Examples Deep: Deep feeling, deep … Read more Charming Collocation Quiz

Vocabulary Quiz

Vocabulary quiz

vocabulary nounpl. -·lar·ies a list of words and, often, phrases, abbreviations, inflectional forms, etc., usually arranged in alphabetical order and defined or otherwise identified, as in a dictionary or glossary all the words of a language all the words used by a particular person, socioeconomic group, profession, full active vocabulary all the words recognized and understood, … Read more Vocabulary Quiz