Magnificent Modal Verbs Quiz

Modal Verb Quiz

Modals (likewise called modular action words, modular helper action words, modular assistants) are exceptional action words which carry on unpredictably in English. They are unique in relation to typical action words like “work, play, visit…” They give extra data about the capacity of the principle action word that tails it. What Is a Modal Verb? … Read more Magnificent Modal Verbs Quiz

Prepositions of time Quiz

Prepositions of time Quiz

What is a Preposition? A Preposition indicates relationships between two nearby words (between a noun or pronoun and other parts of the sentence) in a sentence and usually appears before a noun or a pronoun. Example: Let’s meet near the shopping mall. (Near is a preposition; shopping mall is its object) Forms of Prepositions: a) Prepositions of Place tell you where something … Read more Prepositions of time Quiz

50 Awesome Ways to wish Merry Christmas


Hey guys! This is that time of year again. “JINGLE BELLS, JINGLE BELLS, JINGLES ALL THE WAY” Celebrations are around the corner now! Today I’m sharing 50 different ways of wishing “Merry Christmas” to your near and dear one’s. So here goes the list! Merry Christmas Wishes and Messages Christmas is tied in with investing … Read more 50 Awesome Ways to wish Merry Christmas

5 Different Ways To Apologize for Being Late!

apologize late post

Envision that you have a significant gathering or meeting with someone who’s extraordinary and you appear at the gathering 10 minutes or all the more late. How would you apologize for being late? How would you account for yourself? ? This time, you’re not going to state the most widely recognized articulation: “I’m sorry I’m … Read more 5 Different Ways To Apologize for Being Late!