Modals of Probability Quiz 1

Modals of Probability Quiz

Modal verbs of probability are of three types:

1.could/may/might used to express possibilities for the future:

  • It may rain tomorrow.
  • She may be upset if you do this to her.
  • I may talk to her one day.

2.can’t/couldn’t/must used to express cetainty:

  • He can’t be an intellectual.
  • This can’t be true!
  • He can’t hurt her.

3.could/may/might used for possible explanations:

  • He could be from Marrakesh.
  • She could be lying.
  • They could do anything to save him.

Modals of Probability Quiz

Fill in the blanks with the correct modal of probability from the list we've studied so far! Don't forget to share your score in the comments!

Modals of Probability Quiz 2

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