Adverbs of frequency

Adverbs of Frequency QUIZ

Adverbs of frequency are one type of adverbs that give us information about how often something takes place. Here’s a list of some frequently used adverbs of frequency and some examples of them:

  • Always: She always complains about the injustice of society.
  • Usually: My parents usually eat out on Sundays.
  • Regularly: Sisters must regularly write to each other.
  • Often: I often brush my teeth four times a day.
  • Sometimes: I sometimes think about the past and the things I’ve done in my life.
  • Rarely: My mother rarely talks about her past.
  • Seldom: Opportunities seldom knock twice.
  • Never: I will never forget what you did to me!

Some Rules To Keep in Mind


Generally, when we use adverbs, we place them directly before the verb (there are some exceptions).

  • We never talk behind people’s backs.
  • She sometimes forgets about her faults.
  • My father always smiles at people.


Adverbs of frequency are used after the following forms of “be”: am, is, are, was, were.

  • I am usually hopeful for the future.
  • She is never satisfied.
  • We were always considerate and thoughtful.


When there is a helping verb, the adverb comes after the first part of the verb.

  • You must never do this again!
  • I should always stay alarmed.
  • My brother doesn’t always make mistakes.


In some cases, adverbs of frequency are used at the beginning of sentences or at the end of sentences.

At the beginning:

  • Always trust your children to make them feel safe.
  • Occasionally he goes to the park.
  • Sometimes I lose hope and get depressed.

At the end:

  • I go by bus sometimes.
  • We work on our reading skills regularly.
  • My kids watch horror movies often.

Adverbs of Frequency QUIZ

Choose the right adverb of frequency to fill in the blanks!

Adverbs of Frequency QUIZ 1

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