It is vs there is quiz

It Is vs There Is

It Is vs There Is

Numerous understudies have questions about the contrast between it is and there is. In all actuality, the two structures are not comparative by any means! Understanding when to utilize every one is significant.

We should take a gander at certain guides to assist you with learning the differentiation.

It is…

All sentences in English must have a subject. Be that as it may, once in a while no subject is quickly clear, or it is progressively helpful to utilize only single word. In these circumstances, we utilize the word it. It is a third individual pronoun, implying that the action word shapes that go with it are equivalent to the action word frames that go with other third individual pronouns (i.e., he and she).

We frequently use it to discuss the climate. For instance, we can make sentences such “it is hot” “it is cold” and “it is coming down.” Even however the significance of these sentences would be clear without it, it is beyond the realm of imagination to expect to forget about it. It is beyond the realm of imagination to expect to state “is hot” “is cold” or “is coming down,” in light of the fact that syntactically these sentences have no subject.

We additionally use it to discuss the time. As in the past models, we need to state “it is 2 o’clock,” not just “is 2 o’clock.” Another regular utilization of it is to discuss individuals. For instance, we can make sentences, for example, “Who is that conversing with John?” “It’s his sibling, Peter.”

It is frequently joined by is, which is the third individual conjugation of the action word “to be.” Its contracted type is it’s. Nonetheless, recollect that it tends to be trailed by different action words as well. For instance, we can say “it rains a ton in England” or “it regularly snows in winter.”

We should take a gander at some different models.


It is extremely hot in India in the late spring.

“What day is it?” asked Matthew.
“It’s Monday,” Jen replied.

“Who is that girl in the picture?”
“It’s my sister, Siri.”

There is…

At the point when we need to state that something exists in a specific spot, we utilize the structure there is. In there is sentences, we put the subject after the action word. Not at all like with it is, there is sentences have a reasonable subject that we need to talk about.

For instance, we can say “there is snow outside,” “there is a gap in my sock” and “there is a mouse in the kitchen.” We can’t state “it is snow outside,” in light of the fact that “day off” as of now the subject of the sentence. We possibly use it when the sentence has no subject. Likewise, we can’t state “it is an opening in my sock” or “it is a mouse in the kitchen.”

In the above models, it is conceivable to state “snow is outside,” “a gap is in my sock” and “a mouse is in the kitchen.” However, it is progressively commonplace to utilize the substitute structure “there is… ” in light of the fact that this structure underlines the area where the subject is found.

At the point when we need to talk about more than one subject, we utilize the plural structure there are. Previously, we utilize the structures there was and there were, and later on there will be or there is/will be. These structures additionally exist in the negative and inquisitive: there isn’t/there aren’t, there won’t be, there won’t be, and so forth.

Examples :

There is an apple in the refrigerator.

There is a lot of cheese on the pizza.

Now let’s check your understanding on the topic by a super awesome quiz.

It Is & There Is

Insert 'it is' or 'there is' in the spaces. In some sentences; contracted plural, negative and interrogative forms, or the past or future tense are required.

It Is vs There Is 1

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