Prepositions Quiz

Prepositions Quiz

What are prepositions?

The word preposition (pre + position) implies set previously.

A Preposition is a word put before a noun or a pronoun to give some connection between the noun or pronoun to some other word.

Felicity strolls ACROSS the street

(strolling from one stopping point to the opposite end)

Felicity strolls IN THE MIDDLE of the street

Felicity strolls BESIDE the street

Felicity strolls ALONG the street

Felicity strolls DOWN the street

Young men are playing IN the play ground

IN demonstrates inside the points of confinement or a fenced in area

Young ladies are playing ON the play area

ON demonstrates no walled in areas. May be the edges of the city.

She sits UNDERNEATH the tree

He sits UNDER the tree

She sits BENEATH the tree

My mother yells AT me

Meet me AT 5 O’clock.

Meet me AT KFC.

She thumps AT the entryway

Counsel me AT the inn (inside/outside )

Meet me IN the inn (just inside the premises )

I’m going TO America.

I’m leaving FOR Paris.

I’m going TOWARDS SBI bank.

Practice makes a man great.

In English language Prepositions could play an imperative and a flighty job and the reality remains that even local speakers of English couldn’t get the correct prepositions while expressing.

So now loading you guys with the above theory, I hope you’ll be able to solve this quiz. Let’s get to the quiz now! 😀

Preposition Quiz

Prepositions Quiz 1

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