Pronouns Quiz

Pronoun Quiz

What is a pronoun ?

A pronoun is a word that is used instead of a noun.
Oliver is a teacher. He is my friend.
Felicity sings well. She lives in Delhi.
Oliver and Felicity are friends. They are my neighbours.

We use ( he ) instead of male nouns. eg.

We use ( she ) instead of female names. eg.

We use ( they) instead of plural nouns. eg.
My sisters———- they
The pens ———– they

Generally we use ( it ) instead of nonliving and animals. eg.
Dog ———– it
A book ——– it

The speaker uses ( I) instead of his/her name. eg.
I am Oliver.

We use ( you) instead the name of the listener. eg.
You are John.

We use ( we) instead the names of ( I + you). eg.
We are friends.

Take this quiz and check how cool are you with the pronouns!

Pronoun Quiz

Pronoun Quiz 1

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