Adjectives Quiz

Adjectives Quiz

What are Adjectives?

Adjectives are words which depicts the nature of the thing(noun) present in the sentence.

E.g.: Felicity wore a pink cap in the gathering (The adjective ‘pink’ depicted the thing ‘cap’)

It would be ideal if you put those cookies back in the container. (‘Those’ brought up explicit thing(noun) ‘cookies’)

Sorts of Adjectives

  • Descriptive adjectives: Describes things and pronouns.
    You have a delightful house.
  • Quantitative adjectives: depicts the amount of the thing.
    My cake ought to have eighteen candles.
  • Demonstrative adjectives: portrays which noun or pronoun one is alluding to.
    This book is mine.
  • Possessive adjectives: depicts to whom the thing belongs.
    This is my mom.
  • Interrogative adjectives: These descriptors are utilized to pose inquiries.
    Whose kid is this?
  • Distributive adjectives: portrays specific thing in a gathering.
    Each rose has its thistles.
    Every last one of you should move(dance) at my gathering.
  • Articles (an, a, the): used to depict which thing you are alluding to
    The rhino left huge footprints in the sand.

Thus, presently how about we get to the Quiz?

Adjectives Quiz

Easy English Quiz based on Adjectives. Lets see if you can score out of out here! 

Adjectives Quiz 1

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  1. I scored 10 / 10 . It was really really fun somehow lil bit challenging. But thankyou soooo much😊👍 for amazing quizzes.


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